born in 1986 in southern ohio to parents both scientific and artistic, i grew up observing the connection between the worlds of beauty and reason. having a graphic designer as a mother, a fashion designer as an uncle, and a grandmother who used to be a textile designer has been a huge influence on me; iíve been exposed to the industry for my entire life, and being around it feels natural to me.

iíve attended both the school of advertising art in kettering, ohio and miami university in oxford, ohio. at miami, i was enrolled in the western college programís interdisciplinary studies major for three years. during that time i studied sociology, queer theory, and womenís studies, along with spanish and japanese. at the school of advertising art iíve earned an associateís degree in graphic design while accumulating over 1600 contact hours of design work.

with experience in freelance work, office work, and customer service, as well as advanced writing and research skills, my capabilities are not limited to design but extend to copywriting, marketing, and branding.

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